Here is a list of top 3 in each category - congratulations to all of you!

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Bachelor Course

  1. USOR Design (#115)
    André Carslund, André Hansen, Benjamin Kjær, Gustav Bagger, Simon Schwaner
    Study line: BEng Proces og Innovation Course: 62014 Green Entrepreneurship
  2. Recycling opportunities for fine crushed concrete (#106)
    Johannes Brask Dyerberg
    Study line: BSc Byggeteknologi Course: S11 Anvendelse af sand og 0-4mm nedknust betontilslag (DTU Sustain)

  3. Compostable Takeaway Packaging For Sushi - SWEEDBOX (#101)
    Anne Egeberg Madsen, Rasmus Jacobsen, Luna Lethin, Oliver Jensen
    Study line: BEng Proces og Innovation Course: 62014 Green Entrepreneurship

Bachelor Final

  1. Better/e (#205)
    Frederik Nijkamp, Kristo Milva (TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology)

  2. Conversion of CO2 to Hydrocarbons (#209)
    Amalie Bisgaard Møller, Eva Sabine Kold
    Study line: BSc Kemi og Teknologi
    Supervisor: Martin Høj (DTU Kemiteknik)

  3. A tool that helps kids like food they otherwise wouldn't eat (#201)
    Malene Brion Lund
    Study line: BEng Proces og Innovation
    Supervisor: Hanne Løje (DTU Engineering Technology)

Master Course

  1. Conserve and restore mangrove populations, by recycling plastic waste along coastlines (#309)
    Signe Buhl, Stina Valheim (NTNU Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet)

  2. Metabolic engineering of yeast for sustainable production of natural food colorants (#325)
    Trine Bertram Rasmussen, Tanmay Parekh, Rune Rahbek Østergaard, Peter Gockel
    Study line: MSc in Biotechnology

  3. MyChips (#301)
    Rola Freije, Otilia Tatiana Marc
    Study Line: MSc in Technology and Entrepreneurship 

Master Final

  1. Structural redesign of the DTU 12.6m research wind turbine blade utilising bio-based materials as feasibility study for more sustainable wind turbine blades (#405)
    Kimberly van Den Bogaard (DTU + TU Delft)
    Study line: European Wind Energy Master
    Supervisor: Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen (DTU Wind)

  2. Self-sustainable connectivity for everyone:  An innovative, green energy LoRaWan Gateway (#401)
    Fadi Saad Bunni, Ristil E. Skovgaard
    Study lines: MSc Communications Technologies and System Design (Telecommunication) and MSc in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

  3. Automating sustainability mapping for the fisheries sector (#409)
    Anna Jorgensen
    Study line: MSc in Aquatic Science and Technology
    Supervisor: David Lusseau (DTU Aqua)