1. præmier


Project no and title




Bachelor course


Sponsored by the Otto Mønsted Foundation




Optimizing hand-washing by the use of ultra violet light


Christian Foss


Franela Holm


Jørgen Jensen


Niels Sauer


Peter Svendsen


William Taul Madsen



Very innovative, potential strong impact. BUT uncertain of regulatory approval.


Very innovative solution to a major problem.


Easy applicability, spot on target group, easy implementable.


Bachelor final project


Partly sponsored by Alfa Laval




Eco-redesign of a snowboard by incorporation of recycled "ocean plastics"


Christoffer Søholm Kristensen


Jia Jue Johannes Chen


Big potential, technical feasible project.


A green complete product ready to sell and use.


You can see they really burn for their product and they think it is funny.



Master course





Lignin-based Second Generation Biofuel From Wheat Straw Agricultural Waste


Mukesh Narendran



Good pitch. Nice circular idea. Great social dimension.


Innovative, applicable, focus on SDG.


Good business Model. Significant and visionary project with high impact contributing to several SDG's.



Master thesis


Sponsored by the Otto Mønsted Foundation




Effect of land use on the water and CO2 exchanges between the land and atmosphere


Bendik Nordstrøm



Global perspective, Huge potential of ressource savings, strong contribution to SDGs.


Clearly communicated project with interesting perspective for improving global efficiency in agricultural production.



Useful and innovative.