Partner Universities

Partner Universities

Due to COVID-19 only students from the Nordic5Tech and EuroTech universities will be invited to Green Challenge 2021.

Green Challenge 2021 will be held on June 25. We look forward to seeing you!

Green Challenge

Every year, DTU hosts the international student conference and competition Green Challenge. The conference is DTU’s response to the global climate and sustainability changes.
DTU believes that engineers play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of our society.

It is important to give engineering students skills to contribute to the development of technological solutions that respond to the global challenges. Green Challenge is an opportunity for students to showcase the green and sustainable projects they have been working on as part of their education.

Green Challenge 2021 will be hold on June 25.

How to register

Practical information

As a Green Challenge participant from one of our Partner Universities, you have the opportunity to follow one of our two programmes.

When you participate in Green Challenge, you can win prizes from the total prize pool of 240,000 DKK, and a special international prize.

As part of the Green Challenge conference, you need to do a presentation of your project.

At the Green Challenge conference, there are several judging panels. This section provides you with information about our judging panels and
how to become a judge yourself.