Abu Dhabi

Fra GRØN DYST til Abu Dhabi

A sustainable idea led to a third place in GRØN DYST 2010 for Rasmus Davidsen. This was the start of a domino effect which included an invitation to one of the world’s largest conferences
in green energy in Abu Dhabi – and made him 250,000 Danish crowns richer.
Had it not been for my participation in the GRØN DYST contest I would barely have had these opportunities” to quote third prize winner Rasmus Davidsen.

In brief, Rasmus Davidsen introduced the use of nanotechnology in surface treatment for solar cells in a new way. The solar cells demonstrate greater efficiency with a method that is both cheaper and faster than most commonly used methods in the industry today: ”There’s plenty of sun. However, in relation
to the industry, on the other hand, it’s a costly affair when energy has to be extracted the traditional way for commercial purposes. Our nanocoating
is the solution that makes solar power competitive” says Rasmus Davidsen.

In addition to a spot on the podium at GRØN DYST for the entrepreneurial project “Black Silicon Solar”, the invention also gave him the opportunity to attend the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi - one of the world’s largest conferences on green energy. And, as if that wasn’t adventurous enough, Rasmus made his own way to win the main prize of 250,000
Danish crowns in the prestigious national entrepreneurial competition, Venture Cup, which was held in June 2011. ”Not in my wildest imagination had I thought that I should be standing as winner of the Venture Cup 2011, or that I should experience a conference in the United Arab Emirates as a speaker in front of
participants from the global industry. But thanks to GRØN DYST I did!”

The list of Rasmus’ further achievements is long. He has since founded his own company, won the Danish Championship in CleanTech, has been
among the 6 chosen ideas presented at The Global Cleantech Open Ideas Competition in the United States, and finally, he participated in the Cairo Global
Summit on Mew York Stock Exchange, selected as one of the 50 most innovative ventures started by undergraduate college entrepreneurs in 2012.