2. præmier


Bachelor course concept: Project nr. 22: Selforganised heliotropic device

The winners: Karl Villemoes, Mads Westerback and Johan Rindmar –Design and Innovation

Bachelor final project idea: Project nr. 41: Environmental benefits and burdens of urban agriculture relative to conventional agriculture

The winner: Ida Marie Valentin Christiansen – Water, Bioressources and Environment

Bachelor final project concept: Project nr. 48: Investigation of the use of unburnt clay bricks in load bearing structures

The winner: Johannes Scheibelein – Civil Engineering

Master course idea: Project nr. 74: Photocatalytic Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide in Hydrogen

The winner: Thomas Østergaard – Physics and Nanotechnology

Master course concept: Project nr. 99: Treatment and reuse of dairy waste water by membrane technology

The winners: Henrik Teglborg, Gongzhe Chen, Yujue Wang and Liyan Zhao - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Master thesis idea: Project nr. 107: Microbial removal of pesticides in rapid sand filters for treatment of drinking water

The winner: Mathilde Hedegaard – Environmental Engineering

Master thesis concept: Project nr. 118: Product and business development of Stratiflex

The winner: Martin Spanggaard – Engineering Management

Bachelor course idea: Project nr. 9: Energy Fingerprint

The winner: Morten T. Egholm – Electronic and Computer