3. præmier

Bachelor course idea: Project nr. 1: The sustainable classroom

The winners: Djafar Palasz and Nicolai Lorentzen – BEng Building

Bachelor course concept: Project nr. 23: Cool Container

The winners: Andreas Aabo, Andreas Nørballe and Laura Fisker – Design and Innovation

Bachelor final project idea: Project nr. 33: Alternativ aske i beton

The winners: Anders Kjær Huntley and Rikke Klavstrup Matiasen – BEng Building

Bachelor final project concept: Project nr. 58: Eco-efficiency assessment of alternative urban water supplies

The winners: Eldbjørg Blikra Vea and Mai Goth Olesen – Water, Bioressources and Environment

Master course idea: Project nr. 65: Micro- and nanostructured carbon electrodes

The winners: Connor Spain, Ho Jun Yun Charles, Kristoffer Mathiesen, Niels Dyreborg Nielsen and Sebastian Molbech Hansen – Physics and Nanotechnology

Master course concept: Project nr. 79: Biogas production from shrimp by-products from Royal Greenland in Sisimiut, Greenland

The winners: Laura Garcia, Georgia Vasilaki and Amalia Rosa Pizarro – Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering 

Master thesis Idea: Project nr. 109: Optimised Nox abatement strategy using ionic liquids

The winner: Peter L. Thomassen – Advanced and Applied Chemistry 

Master thesis concept: Project nr. 119: Fabrication of solid oxide cells by ink-jet 3D printing

The winner: David Marhauer-Nimb – Sustainable Energy