1. præmier

Følgende 4 projekter vandt 1. præmien på 30.000 kr. 

I kategorien Bachelor course (sponsoreret af Otto Mønsted Fond)
Projekt nr. 113: Venom detection kit (Søren Dam, Rasmus Friism, Aleksander Haack, Cecilie Knudsen)
Motivation: Very clear and well structured solution to a major problem with a large potential.

I kategorien Bachelor final project (sponsoreret af Otto Mønsted Fond)

Projekt nr. 205: Roof Tiles from Thin Plastic Waste in India (Natasha Fiig, Kathrine Hagen)
Motivation: Brilliant low tech idea

I kategorien Master course (sponsoreret af Pensionskassen for ingeniøerer DIP)
Projekt nr. 341: Ocean Oasis (Martine Gripp Bay, Ingrid Skrede)

Motivation: Well presented problem which address a giant Challenge for clean dribbling water with a simple solution, which can be realised through corporation with local Industry in Norway.

I kategorien Master thesis 
Projekt nr. 411: Green Treatment of Black Water (Peter Alexander Stentoft)

Motivation: A proven and tested intelligent waste water system, easy to implement, with a short payback time and significantly reducing energy consumption.