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Project no/title



Bachelor course

Sponsored by the Otto Mønsted Foundation




Felix Bruun

Markus Duus Kristensen

Jacob Grau Thisted

Mikkel Elvebakken

Mine Lisberg

Kristoffer Rander


  • Highly visionary and innovative. Immediately practically usable
  • Sustainability and innovation comes in a box made of fungus.Simple and brilliant
  • Innovative and feasible solution to replace plastic

Bachelor final project



Mycelium Surfboards


Kristian Ullum Kristensen

Dan Skovgaard Jensen

Lasse Koefoed Sudergaard


  • New thinking very economic
  • A innovative and interesting project. A simple and fascinating solution - and the delivery was perfect
  • Excellent visual and verbal presentation. Very inventive and creative. First on market and good marked knowledge

Master course



CheeseItYourself: Revaluation of a food by-product with a minimum footprint.


Carmen Masiá

Hernán Gómez

Panagiota Dima

Ioanna Anagnostara


  • They have a product and it Can be a part of a Very important development
  • Huge market potential. Very inventive. Simplicity for the consumer. Easy to use.
  • Reduce food waste, market ready

Master thesis

Sponsored by the Otto Mønsted Foundation


Energy efficiency improvements in 5G mobile networks

Theis Wollesen


  • Very good presentation and proof of concept
  • Simple idea, large impact
  • Pitch, implementation and good business case