About Green Challenge

Green Challenge is an educational initiative at DTU, held once every year. The aim is to ensure that future engineers integrate aspects of sustainability in their work.


What is Green Challenge?

Once a year, DTU organizes Green Challenge; a student conference where students present their sustainable projects developed as an integrated part of the educational activities.

In addition to the students’ actual sustainable projects, Green Challenge gives the students additional practical experience in areas such as communications and networking. That happens in relation to participation in conferences, preparation of abstracts, project presentations to people who do not necessarily have an engineering background and face to face meeting with other students and people from judge panels. Moreover, many projects contain elements of innovation.

Participation in Green Challenge

Green Challenge is typically held on the last Friday of DTU's spring semester.

Last year at the Green Challenge event, around 80 students from about 40 different projects partook along with 25 judging panels. The judging panels consist of representatives from business, politics, professors and institute directors, teachers and students from DTU.

To participate in the conference, student projects have to:

  • Contain an element of sustainability
  • Be prepared during your education
  • Be prepared since last Green Challenge

The conference is primarily for DTU's students. Still, every year students from DTU's partners at home and abroad are invited to participate in student projects as well as representatives for the judging panels.

Fra GRØN DYST 2022

The conference day

At the conference, the students are present throughout the day. The projects are divided into four different categories, so everyone has equal opportunities to participate, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.

Each project has 120 seconds to pitch to the judges, followed by a few minutes clarifying questions and comments. Each jury sees about 15 projects during the day to ensure that three different panels evaluate all projects .

As part of the learning process, Green Challenge offers a workshop on presentation techniques, so students are prepared to pitch