For Companies

Your business can make a difference

Together with DTU, your business can make a difference by creating innovative projects in connection with Green Challenge.

Next Green Challenge will be hold June 25, 2021.

For companies

Green Challenge is an educational initiative at DTU focusing on sustainability, the environment and climate technology in all of DTU’s study programmes.

Every year, the efforts to embed green and sustainable initiatives in the teaching at DTU culminate with the Green Challenge student conference where all DTU students can publicly present their visionary projects and compete to win prizes.

Next Green Challenge takes place June 25, 2021. The student conference is at the library, Building 101, Anker Engelundsvej in Lyngby.

Read more about project collaboration with students here.

You can be a judge at Green Challenge 2020. Here, you can read about what it means to be a judge and how to apply.

A special thanks to our sponsors for Green Challenge, who help DTU raise awareness of sustainability.

Profile your company by presenting a special business award at the Green Challenge student conference.

Project collaboration with students and DTU supervisors can provide creative technical solutions for your business challenges.