2. præmier




Bachelor course



Recycling opportunities for fine crushed concrete (#106)

Johannes Brask Dyerberg

Study line: BSc Byggeteknologi Course: S11 Anvendelse af sand og 0-4mm nedknust betontilslag (DTU Sustain)



Bachelor final project



Conversion of CO2 to Hydrocarbons (#209)

Amalie Bisgaard Møller, Eva Sabine Kold

Study line: BSc Kemi og Teknologi

Supervisor: Martin Høj (DTU Kemiteknik)



Master course



Metabolic engineering of yeast for sustainable production of natural food colorants (#325)

Trine Bertram Rasmussen, Tanmay Parekh, Rune Rahbek Østergaard, Peter Gockel

Study line: MSc in Biotechnology



Master thesis



Self-sustainable connectivity for everyone:  An innovative, green energy LoRaWan Gateway (#401)

Fadi Saad Bunni, Ristil E. Skovgaard

Study lines: MSc Communications Technologies and System Design (Telecommunication) and MSc in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering