Business awards

Profile your company by presenting a special business award at the Green Challenge student conference.

t the Green Challenge student conference, the university will award prizes for the best projects in the categories ‘Best BSc project’, ‘Best MSc project’, ‘Best project at BSc level’ and ‘Best project at MSc level’ under the two main categories—‘Idea’ and ‘Concept’.

Companies will also have the opportunity to present special business awards. In addition to cash prizes, awards may include sparring/consultancy assistance for ongoing student projects, count-down prizes leading up to the conference, iPads or similar.

DTU awards prizes to the best projects. There will be prizes for a total sum of a minimum 240 000 DKK.

In addition to the university prizes, companies can award special business prizes. As well as cash prizes, prizes for sparring/consultancy support for projects in progress, or countdown prizes leading up to the conference are gladly accepted.

If your company is interested in awarding a "special prize" at the conference, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.