Visual presentation

Visual tools are essential for creating a complete presentation. A good visual presentation can support the whole message of your project. Here are some tips on how to do it.

As a participant in Green Challenge, you will be judged on how well-structured and clear you are in your communication about your project. And the visual presentation is an essential part of that communication. Therefore, putting some work and energy into your slides pays off.


A good rule of thumb is that you should not have stuff on your slides that you will not say in your pitch. There has to be a clear connection between what you are saying and what is on your slides.


When working on your slides, try to keep the content short and simple. Have a maximum of three text fonts, and ensure that the colours are coordinated. When all relevant elements are ready, make sure that there is an overall visual balance.


8 things to focus on:


Communicate your message clearly in one sentence. Your audience will not guess it.

Target group
Who is the message directed to? At Green Challenge, the judges and guests are not necessarily experts in your field.

Exciting title
What is interesting? Write it short and precise.

Too much information

Do not present all your knowledge at once. What is your main message? Erase everything that is not supporting that. Consider how the reader is supposed to read the slides. Columns and symmetry can help the reader on the way.


Lack of visual elements 

A slide is not an article printed on a big piece of paper.


Graphs and illustrations

Avoid bad illustrations where it is unclear what their meaning is. Make it simple. Remove all unnecessary information.


Visual abundance

Too many colours and large photos can distract the reader from getting the project's message.


Missing preparation

The main reason slides are not working is that they were made too fast.

Why use posters
Here you can download some tips on how to make a good poster.