Pitch ved GRØN DYST 2018.

Tips & tricks

How to make a 120-second pitch? What do you put on a poster? How can i show my project is green? Here you can find tips and tricks. 

The Green Challenge student conference is first of all an opportunity for you to showcase your work with green technology. It is however also an opportunity to win one of the cash prizes for best projects. 

We have collected some extra material, which can help you prepare for the Green Challenge student conference. This material is meant as a help and inspiration source, and you are not required to use it. The evaluation criteria can be seen here. 

Lunch talks
To give you the best start possible, we have held two lunch talks, focusing on presentation techniques. The first lunch talk was on how to make a good pitch, the second on visual presentations. The main points can be read to the left at "120-second pitch" and "Visual presentation". 

An LCC analysis can help you present your projects positive environmental impact. You can read more and download a basic guide here.


Contact Green Challenge

Tlf.: 45251194
e-mail: groendyst@adm.dtu.dk