What is there to consider about patents when you want to participate in Green Challenge?

When you register for Green Challenge, it is essential to note that you already at registration ought to upload your abstract for publication in an abstract book.

This book will be published on our website and sent to the conference judges to read. Therefore, you must consider how many details you describe in your abstract if you are considering a patent.


In Denmark, you cannot take out a patent on a concept. So, you can easily present your project without worrying. Avoid telling about the part of your project that you can  take out a patent on if you want to do that. Avoid details about the specific technologies. Tell about the concept.


Remember, though, that not all projects are suited for taking out a patent. There are many other opportunities to brand and sell your idea.


DTU Skylab offers free start-up consultations for all DTU students. Book a meeting with them if you want more case-specific guidance.



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