Join Green Challenge 2023

Follow this link to register: Registration for Green Challenge

You can register until the 10th of May 2023 at 18 pm. Remember that you can always go back and change your registration. 

After the registration deadline (10th of May) all registered projects will receive en email about weather they have been selected to participate in Green Challenge. 

In the guide below you will find help on how to register for Green Challenge. 

The registration form MUST be written in english and applications that has been accepted for Green Challenge will be published in the conference abstract book, which will be published at the Green Challenge website - see Previous-Green-Challenge. Your application will be read by the judges, which is why it is important to have the Evaluation-criteria in mind, as the assessment of the project is an overall assessment of the abstract and pitch.

1. First, you must register as a user via "Sign up", which you will find on the frontpage.

If you are registering as a group, only one of the members must create a user and fill in the information of each group member. 

2. After you click on the "Sign up" you get to the page where you can choose to sign up either as an individual participant or as a group. Click on one of the icons to proceed to the abstract and participant information form. 

3. On this page you must fill in your personal information and the project's abstract. 

At the bottom of the page, you can select how many group members that will participate. You an add participants by clicking on either the "+" or "-" icons (see "Add group members attending the conference"). Each group member MUST fill in their personal information.

4. If you are not a DTU student, you must select "Invited student" and then fill in which university you are from. 

5.In "Abstract" you must fill in each "Heading" and "Paragraph". The abstract is a short summary of the most important points of your project. Stick to the Evaluation-criteria and find inspiration from previous participant's abstracts at Previous-Green-Challenge. We recommend following the standard structure for academic text, e.g., introduction, method, result and conclusion. 

6. In "Abstract" you can also choose to add a figure, table, or image to your application. The figure, table or image MUST be relevant for your project and must have a caption. 

7. When you have filled in your personal information and the abstract, then click on "Continue" and after you will see an overview of your application. At the page "Overview" you can see your entered information.

The application can be saved as a draft, and you can go back and change it.
If you want to change your uploaded application, then you have to use the link that has been sent to you in the confirmation email. 

!! REMEMBER that the deadline for registration is the 10th of May !! 

If you have any questions, please write to us at