What is Green Challenge?

Green Challenge is an educational initiative at DTU. The aim is to ensure that future engineers integrate aspects of sustainability, climate technology, and the environment in their work.

Engineers play an essential role in ensuring sustainable social development. DTU engineers can and must continue contributing towards developing technological solutions that address global challenges. This is why DTU holds Green Challenge.

The Green Challenge student conference is your chance to showcase your own project. It is your opportunity to be inspired by fellow students and networks that include some of the country’s top minds devoted to environmental sustainability.

The conference is your unique chance to meet other DTU students and representatives from different businesses, all of which are professionally engaged in different areas of sustainability, the environment and climate technology.

The conference itself awards cash prizes for the best projects—money that can be used to further development of your own project. The Green Challenge student conference ends on a festive note with a barbecue for all conference participants.

Read more about Green Challenge here.

The next Green Challenge conference is June 25, 2021. We look forward to seeing you!


Phone: +45 45251194
E-mail: groendyst@adm.dtu.dk

Exhibited projects

Copyright: T. Kaare Smith

In addition to the conference itself, Green Challenge runs activities throughout the year at DTU. Green projects from previous Green Challenge competitions or projects that may compete in the next competition are regularly exhibited in the library. Watch the presentation videos here.