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Project no and title




Bachelor course






Paint'R: Rethinking the packaging of paint


Jacob Steen Ulv Larsen

Johan Carl Smedegaard Vangstrup

Magnus Hørlyk Friis

Nicolai Casper Raith Hansen

Sofie Winge-Petersen

Victoria Strauss Søgaard 



Good energy, ready to use. Simple, practical and almost already in stores.

Super nice - Stakeholder involvement - well done.

Very good pitch! Clear value proposition.
Ready for market, likely to succeed.
Great background work - incl. financials and partners


Bachelor final project






Palladium and platinum containing zeolite catalysts for complete methane oxidation


Signe Tronsen 

Great presentation. Knowledge of the project limitations. Solves a worldwide problem.

Industry backed.
High score for targeting an industry that is a very high carbondioxide emitor.
The process is not new but easy to apply.

Seems like a pretty clear "win" solution aside from development and implementation costs.


Master course





Reducing global greenhouse gas emission from peatland degradation and fires


Magnus Falkenberg

Martin Tjellesen



Super presentation. Good answers and very good applicability

Very convincing and they have an operating measuring device and there is a big political awareness to peatland.

Very relevant problem they address.
Need the government to take action.
Simple implementation.



Master thesis






Utilization of PET fibre waste to develop a cotton based composite fabric for sportswear applications


Cristina Orlando

Kartikeya Sharma



Great presentation.
Fashion industry is a big polluter.
Use of known technology allows case of implementation.

If it works - revolutionary! seperating cotton/PET blend (full circle).
Fashion industry 10% of world pollution