Preparing your presentation

Here you can read about different forms of presentation and how presentation and assessment are conducted at the conference.

Presentation at the conference

The panels of judges comprise politicians, businesspeople, students, heads of department, professors and teachers who are not necessarily experts in your field. When planning your presentation, you should therefore ensure that it can be understood by non-specialists.

Each project will be assessed by three judging panels. You should be prepared to give a 120-second pitch, followed by a few, simple questions. Note that it is extremely important to stay within the allotted time frame. Make sure you are focused and have practised your presentation beforehand by for example participating in our workshops and learning about presentation techniques.

Presentation forms

As a standard you will be given a stand with a poster board, a tall coffee table and power outlets. The poster board measures 120x160 cm (width x height) and the coffee table has a diameter of 60 cm. You are free to mount your project material on the table using adhesive tape or drawing pins which we provide on the day of installation. You may also bring your laptop to use as part of the presentation. The stand includes a small A4 sign with the project title, project number, etc.

BSc students: can choose to present their projects in Danish or English. You are not required to give advance notice.
MSc students: projects must be presented in English. Some members of the panel of judges may not understand Danish.

Optimize your presentation

Two times before Green Challenge you can attend our Pitch-Workshop. Mathias and Mathias will provide you with essential tools that will improve your chances of winning a price.

Remember that a big part of the assessment criteria is based on your presentation.



Presenteation technique

To improve your presentation techniques check out the slides from the pitch workshop by Mathias Bruhn here.
Or go to this guide in 120 seconds pitch.
28 FEBRUARY 2020