Preparing your presentation

Here you can read about different forms of presentation and how presentation and assessment are conducted at the conference.

Panels of judges
The panels of judges comprise politicians, business people, students, heads of departments, professors, and lecturers who are not necessarily experts in your field. When planning your presentation, you should ensure that non-specialists can understand it. Three judging panels will assess each project on the day of the conference.

You will have to pitch three times during the day. The judges will come by your stand, where you will do the pitch.

You should be prepared to give a 120-second pitch, followed by a few questions from the judges. Note that it is imperative to stay within the allotted timeframe. Please make sure you are focused and have practised your presentation beforehand by, for example, participating in our workshops and learning about presentation techniques. Join our pitch-workshops and get tips on how to present your project.

As participant at Green Challenge, part of the judgement criteria determines if your project is well-structured and clearly communicated. Visual presentation is an important part of the project mediation. Therefore, we recommend you bring a poster to the conference. If you choose so, the poster should be size A0 for the best results.

BSc and BEng students can choose to present their projects in Danish or English. You are not required to give advance notice. Abstracts are required to be done in English for all students.

MSc students must present their projects in English. Some members of the panel of judges may not understand Danish.